Saturday, December 1, 2012

Why Bundles and Buzz doesn't offer subscriptions

We have been approached many times now by customers and businesses who wondered why we don't operate our business under a subscription service.  It is an option we've explored, but ultimately decided not to go into that direction for a few reasons.

1) Our Bundles are carefully created and developed with tender love and care by none other than Lisa, Katrina and myself (Cat).  Each and every item that goes into a Bundle is researched prior to their approval and featured because we truly believe it is a cool and useful product.  Occasionally, it takes more time to gather up enough products to put together a specific type of Bundle which is why we like the freedom of selling Bundles as they become available.  We also have to allow for constraints like longer than normal shipping times from our mail service provider and the potential for boxes to be lost in the mail.  If we were to do a subscription service, when these problems happen it would delay shipping times to our customers and that is not an area of our customer service that we would like to disrupt.

2) You work hard for your money and you shouldn't be looped into a subscription service that can become pricey, especially if you were to receive a Bundle and feel like the program might not be for you.  Cancellations are time consuming and difficult for all parties. We want you to buy a Bundle, because you want a Bundle, not because you are subscribed. We also want you to keep your money, until we are ready to ship your Bundle. We should not be holdiing your money for months before your Bundle is even shipped.

3) You may not agree with me on this one, but the anticipation of receiving your Buzz and being around for stocking, is kinda fun. We think so anyways. We want the excitement to build and continue to build all the way up to you enjoying each product we've placed in your Bundle.

We would love to hear your thoughts on our decisions, please feel free to comment under this post with what you think.

Toy Giveaway (arv $250) #holidayshowcase

Toys, for Christmas? What a novel idea.

This is a great giveaway sponsored by MGA Entertainment.

Please take a look at their website to see all of their brands, but they include: Little Tikes, Bratz, Lalaloopsy, Novi Stars and MORE.

This amazing prize includes:
  • 3 Action Adventures Robot flashlights
  • 4 Lalaloopsy bundles
  • 4 Bratz Catz

Contest closes Dec. 10th. Open to US and Canada.

Thank you to Kidsumers for organizing this giveaway.

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Friday, November 16, 2012

Win $250 worth of games! #holidayshowcase

We are thrilled to offer $250 worth of games from Outset Media!

The game I am the most excited about is the Canadian Trivia game. My oldest is only 7, but he is a fact nut! He knows about every insect and animal facts far beyond the knowledge of his parents! Even though this is for 9+, we aren't far off!
Don't worry, we haven't forgot about our readers south of the border! They also have a US version!
Another totally cool thing I learned when visiting their site and facebook page was that they are just around the corner from Bundles and Buzz. Okay, not literally, its a couple hours on a ferry, but still very close.

All OUTSeT products are sold worldwide and more information can be found on the company website: The company also distributes board games, card games, activity sets, puzzles and more throughout Canada for prestigious companies including Fat Brain Toys, Spin Master, Late for the Sky Productions, Royal & Langnickel, Mojo, Maranda, Mayfair Games, Mindware, Toobeez, Patch, and White Mountain Puzzle Company. OUTSeT is also the exclusive distributor for the very popular jigsaw puzzle company, Cobble Hill Puzzles.

Thanks to Kidsumers for hosting this giveaway.

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pennies for Playgrounds-All kids should have a right to play

A close friend of mine is making big waves for the people of Africa. I am doing the little I can to try to support this! Please join me!

Pennies for Playgrounds
Recent flooding (December 2011) devastated many areas of Dar es Salaam and nearby communities. These floods were considered to be the worst in over twenty years. Homes were swept away and family members lost as the swollen rivers surged through the slums. As a result, there is little focus on the child and safe places in which they can play and live... This is just one story of many regarding areas in which there are direct consequences for children and their right to play.

Pennies for Playgrounds : Urban Planning Children's Rights and Climate Change is a collection of work that showcases an University of the Fraser Valley student project with an emphasis on the child's voice and the right to play.   A central theme will be the child’s perspective on play and safe places due to relocation following flooding in one particular informal settlement in Dar es Salaam. It is our hope that we can not only showcase the resilience of children, ther optimism in spite of all odds and the spirit that connects us globally as we work to created better places for children and in the end for all of us.

For local readers, on December 6th at 430PM, students will be hosting an event to raise awareness and funds. We encourage you to attend. It is at The Reach Gallery Museum in Abbotsford, BC.

What the Funds Go Towards

Specifically funds will support projects related to and implenting "safe" playgrounds.   This concept is not the traditional form of playground as we know it but rather it is the utilization of funds to facilitate the construction of fields, compounds, structures or areas in which children are free to create and imagine the childhood they deserve.

The Impact
All children in the world to have the right to play in safe envrionments.  So often this is overlooked but could be considered the most vital aspect to the healthy development of a child.

Please donate in any small or large way so that we can see the implementation of even one safe playground. Visit here to donate.

Donations of significant amounts are elgible for tax receipts.   Plese note in email to or your donation amount and a receipt will be issued acordingly if criteria is met.