Thursday, July 21, 2011

Go Green Pocket Diaper: Review

I received a Go Green Pocket diaper (Champ) to review and as soon as I got it I was impressed.  I have used a lot of cloth diapers (on my son- haha!) and I know a good diaper when I see it.  The quality and workmanship of this diaper is fantastic, for only $14.95 this diaper is well worth the price!  I really like the fit on my 16 month old son and I think he really loves the feel of his minky cow print diaper ;)   These diapers also feature internal leg gussets, hip snaps to prevent wing droop, and a stay-dry inner layer of micro-suede material!

From Go Green Pocket Diapers: The Champ™
Our innovative new pocket diaper! The Champ is a premium one-size pocket diaper with the convenient feature that you don't have to remove the soiled inserts - they come out by themselves in the wash! The Champ also boasts AI2 functionality. We've added an additional snap to both the diaper and the insert that allow the insert to be secured outside of the pocket! No slipping, no bunching. This snap also conveniently keeps the insert and diaper attached in the wash whether you choose to use the insert in or outside of the pocket - no more sorting laundry! The Champ features an extended sizing range, and truly will fit from birth to potty (and beyond!). Our Dual Gussets™ barrier provides superior fit and containment - no leaks on even the smallest of babies. Visit our products page to see our full line of Champ and regular diapers!

You can buy your CHAMP Go green Pocket diaper here!

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