Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What's awesome about Bundles and Buzz?

So we just posted the question on our Facebook Page asking what our fans like best about Bundles and Buzz?

Do you want to hear the responses?

  • I have noticed when I asked a question on the Facebook page, I was responded to quickly and the lady was very kind. Customer service is HUGE in my book and it seems like Bundles and Buzz seems to have an awesome crew. Kind and quick always get's my money!
  •  Love the tips & opportunity to find out about lots of new, eco-friendly shops !! ♥
  • Learning about new products and options then being able to share it with my girlfriends, and looking like the "cool mom" LOL
  • Just the surprise factor. You never know what you're going to get :)
  • Oh and trying new items that I otherwise would have never heard of or had the opportunity to try...I have found some items/products that I love through bundles, things that I will continue to buy or tell others about for many years to come! Thanks!!
  • I like that BnB fosters a real "community" type feel. They really work hard to get quality products out there and encourage their customer base to TALK about the products!
  •  I love how you promote smaller businesses
  • I love that surprise, it is amazing to open the mail and see a mama bundle!
  • I love that you are an avenue for business owners to promote themselves, while giving families a way to try new products!
  • Cloth diaper surprises!
  • Envirosax!!!!!
  • I love that you always reply to all of the questions and posts on your page.
  • I love the anticipation, never knowing what you'll get
  • trying and hearing about new/different companies.
  • Getting to know about products I didn't know I needed!
  • I love that bundles and buzz is a Canadian company.
  • finding other unique products that are off the grid in my smaller conservative hometown.
  • the unpredictibilty---in a good way:)
  • I like learning about new products, even if I don't purchase a bundle I still learn about products by peoples reviews of their it
  • The surprise of what I get in a Bundle!! And, the fact that it's not a bill in the mail ;)
  • It's like Christmas :)
  • The surprise, obviously, and all the WAHM products I've learned about since following B&B.
  • Great customer service!
  • I like the free shipping! I know how expensive shipping is in Canada and it often deters me from buying the unknown. This makes it easy!
  • The excitement when I see that bag in my mailbox!
  • the people who run it! always professional, fun and helpful!
  • I have yet to purchase my first bundle, as I just found about about bundles and buzz. I love that I am finding out about new eco friendly home businesses. I am looking forward to the surprise of what will be in a bundle when I do order one :)
  • seeing fantastic new products that you wouldn't find in a store :)
  • i have been able try so many new things that I wouldn't ever have before! So many great products that I never would have found on my own :)
I am thrilled to hear about all the wonderful things our fans have to say about us! If you are a business looking to promote your company, or a mom looking to be the 'cool mom', we hope you <3 it here! 

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