Friday, September 28, 2012

Review: The Naked Tank #giveaway

Review and Giveaway from The Naked Tank

I don't often do reviews, but this one I was dying to try!

I am currently breastfeeding my 5 month old and he is a busy boy who does not want any covers around him or me to keep me covered. I have been looking into different options and found The Naked Tank.

What is it? A midsection cover-up for breastfeeding women.

That's what it looks like, but how does it keep you covered? Add your regular shirt over top and when you lift up your shirt to breastfeed, your belly, as beautiful as those stretchmarks are, is hidden.

Now, my midsection looks nothing like this beautiful mom's, but here is a before and after, to show you exactly how The Naked Tank can help you!

I used this for the first time when I was camping with my family and another family that included a male friend that has been openly uncomfortable with breastfeeding. This is very unfortunate, but as he is otherwise a great friend, I tried to find a way to make myself feel the most comfortable.

So, my thoughts?
  • I was sceptical at first, but loved it in the end! I felt so well hidden and was definitely more comfortable breastfeeding in public. 
  • I asked for the size large, as this tank is meant to be snug. It was perfect for me and was true to size. 
  • I have used it many times and it is clearly good quality and has maintained its shape perfectly.
  • It comes in awesome colours! I chose white, to go with most items, but I am certainly ordering more in other colours!
  • The only negative thing I can say, is that I am not a layering person, and especially in super hot weather, I was warm. This is obviously the case with any nursing or layering tank.
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  1. I need one of these! I often wear my belly band because it hides my bare skin while nursing, but it drives me crazy because I am forever pulling it up and it leaves weird lines under my clothes when I'm not pregnant.

    Great idea :)

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