Friday, November 2, 2012

Nic & Elli Review & #giveaway

I have been cloth diapering full time for well over 3 years and have been a one-sized all-in-one user this entire time.  My daughter is using my son`s stash which has been a great way to reduce waste and cost.  My only problem occurred when she was ready for a large AIO much sooner than my son was. My size large stash was quite small because when he was in that size he was almost ready to potty train.  I needed to add a few diapers to my stash, but because this is my last child I could not justify spending a lot of money

Last month I saw Nic & Elli`s diapers at a local kid swap and was impressed by the quality.  I was also shocked when I saw the affordable price!  I had never used a pocket diaper before, although I had seen many and have quite a few friends who love them.  I bought 6 to replenish my stash and fell in love on day one.  The following are a list of things I love about Nic & Elli’s cloth diapers.

1.  Slim fit - she still looked great in her skinny jeans!
2.  Quick drying time – they were done drying much faster than my AIO’s!
3.  Excellent absorbency – my daughter is a heavy wetter and sleeps through the night.  She woke up without leaks and in a warm and dry bed every morning without fail.
4.  Adorable colours and prints – I’m a bit picky when it comes to what I like and was delighted to find black (not easy to find for a cloth diaper) and the black/white polka dots.  There are also many, many more selections to choose from!
5.  Easy to use - I was pleasantry surprised at how easy pocket diapers are to use and put on my very busy baby who would much rather roll and crawl than sit still for a diaper change!
6.   Price – less than half of what I would normally pay for cloth diapers.

If you are considering cloth diapering or if you’re like me and needed to add some affordable and good quality diapers to your stash, then I highly recommend Nic & Elli’s cloth diapers!

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  1. I'm a cloth diaper newbie, so I appreciate these reviews!